Time and its ways

Wings clipped
One feather at a time
Rivers dry
One summer at a time
Glaciers melt
One drop at a time
Oceans rise
One inch at a time
Droughts occur
One lack of rainfall at a time
Harvests fail
One crop at a time
Sky’s clear
A few clouds at a time
Forests disappear
One tree at a time
Beasts hunt
One prey at a time
Man slaughters
Many species at a time

Sand dunes shift
Some grains at a time
Mountains of sand
Disappear in a fraction of a time
Fires start
One flame at a time
Tsunamis destroy
One wave at a time
Winds blow
Many gushes at a time
Breeze flows
Igniting the senses every time

Candles burn
Fighting darkness when it’s time
Daylight comes
Stars still shine, but unseen at this time

Happiness stays
Lost is the sense of time
Beauty mesmerizes
Time stops for some time
Calmness surrounds
Time slows down for some time
Content and satisfied
existence of time, questioned every time

Life earns
One breath at a time
Magicians surprise
One trick at a time
Specialists learn
One skill at a time
Wheels turn
One spin at a time
Artists paint
One stroke at a time
Dancers express
One move at a time

Kingdoms hold
One king at a time
Stories unfold
One incident at a time
Rise and fall
Just in the nick of time
Music hits
One note at a time
Lovers attach
One kiss at a time
Kindness cultivates
One deed at a time
Sinners accumulate
Several sins at a time
Bodies carry
One soul at a time
Time drops
One moment at a time
Eyes observe, minds comprehend
One reason at a time
Nature gives
One season at a time

Colour blinded
See no colors at a time
Blindedly imagine
All the colors at a time
Grey colored
Every color at a time
Colored grey
Even the rainbow at a time
Emotions engulf
One action at a time
Instincts ignored
Reactions fumble one at a time

Breathing ends
Not each breath at a time
Human dies
Body parts disappear overtime
Beings survive
Reminisced with many tears at a time
Human beings
Were Being human at a time.
Being human
A gift, a curse at a time
Just being
Skill learnt in many steps at a time



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