Rhyming Observations

That which rhymes,

Corrects the wrongs

Expressionists unwind,

Life becomes a beautiful song:


The earth is turning

No one will forever last

A jungle is forming

But the animals are here too fast


A mounting wave brawling

The surf will take it all back

Can a crab get stranded?

While the fisherman nets his catch


The cooling air is blowing

The fool is taking a bath

The river is flowing

Although the riverbed stoned the grass


The colors are changing

if the sky would only react

Astronauts are mental

The fact is Gravity is lost in black


Adventures wander around

Announcing their arrival

Into the lives of people

To keep their dreams intact


These signs are getting stacked

Maybe refer to what it lacked

Actions may speak

Weather anything is to be hacked

Quiet! The angel says

Be still! …

Flapping wings are often caught in the act



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