words are irrelevant

thoughts make up all phrases

actions speak louder than words, or so they say

so dive into the waves

and let the currents show us the way


Ideas of love, life, happiness and beyond

these surging tides of the worlds within

they pull us under, they whisper to the soul

you are not sinking they say

this is life’s way of telling its story

you are the one, you are the moon

these tides are in your control


the raft you are in

it’s called hope

don’t pull down the sails yet

you have yet to see much more


at times we may wonder

at times may be adrift

we may be off course and lost now

sail towards the sunset

imagine the red, orange and yellow

think of the lush green lands

pure happiness is still ahead


the aura of hope is within you

there is no point getting astray

why reach beneath these tides

there is nothing down there,

the whisper: ‘stay afloat, stay afloat’


Irrelevant as it may seem

the colors will lead you there

just keep sailing

and remember

hope is the name of your boat


relevant are different shades of the colors

relevant is the power of their glow

choose from them

the reds, oranges or the yellows

choose from them,

the intensity of either one

will guide you home


the lands will welcome you there

the trees will sway

pure happiness will summon your soul


you will find everything as you had imagined

the world will sing

even particles of sand and gusts of wind

will hum a song

you are my own….you are my own…you are my own


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