Harmless Questions

Can the wind stay still?

Could a blessing ever practise free will?

Has the ocean ever felt

Some depths are too much to fill


Could a fish ever cry?

Always alone, would an island ever sigh?

Can a butterfly for a day not want to fly?

Just to admire the beautiful wings of another butterfly

Has a bird ever whispered to itself?

Today let’s test the limits of the sky


Could the sun ever sweat?

Can a volcano feel hot?

Would a big black dot

Drawn on a blank white page

Feel if its hard to spot?


Can noise refrain from sound?

Could a perfect circle ever feel too round?

Would a bullet despise pain?

Not in warm bodies,

But in a cold barrel, does it like to remain?

Once shot,

the gun or its trigger

Who would it choose to blame?


Could a monsoon want to complain

If its clouds held too much rain?

Does a flower feel strange?

In a flower shop When In different ways it is arranged



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